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RF Router & RF Receiver
2014-06-25 14:26:20

RF Router & RF Receiver
RF router and receiver make it possible for bio-signal acquisition system to extend the transmission range up to 5.0km and improve the quality of wireless signal of measured bio-signals.
These RF router and receiver are adapted for use with Bodypro M100/100 system.
DS110RO and DS110RC are the cutting edge system that applied RF wireless technology so that supports wide range acquisition of bio-signals.

Key features
- Maximum transmission ability up to 6 people’s data per one router
- Maximum number of router connections up to 127 devices per one receiver
- Wireless transmission range up to 5.0km (measured in open-air line of sight)
- Interface : Router vs. Receiver(RF Half duplex), Receiver vs. PC (USB to Serial)
- RF Frequency Band : 424Mhz(424.7~424.95Mhz)
- Baud rate : Router vs. Receiver(1,200bps), Receiver vs. PC(9,600bps)
- LED : Power, Communication Status
- Input Power : Router(DC 5.0V/2.0A Adaptor), Receiver(USB 5.0V)
- Dimension(W x H x D) : 140 x 45 x 130 [mm] (same size for router and receiver)
- Weight : Router(400g), Receiver(370g)

Used to
- Real-time remote monitoring of heart beat of elderly people in the elderly nursing home
- Test and enhance physical ability of professional athletes and handicapped athletes
- Develop exercise programs for soldiers, police officers, fire fighters and etc.
- Manage health conditions of members in sports centers or sports organizations
- Exam students physical activity level
- Manage employee health conditions

In the box





In the Box


RF Router


Extends the wireless transmission range of bio-signal acquisition system


RF Receiver


Receives the bio-signal from RF router


DC 5V/2A Adaptor


Power input to DS110RO Router

USB cable

USB A to B (1.8M length)


Power input to DS110RC Receiver and for communication with PC


User Manual


Device manual and warranties