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Lifecoordi 500
2014-06-25 14:36:00

Lifecoordi 500
This is the best healthcare solution device and new conception of calorie tester which is possible to scientifically analyze the exercise results for health, body and weight management.

Key features
- Measures steps, working distance, exercise intensity, activity calories, total calories and analyze the daily life pattern
- Diet program support
- Set target calories, target steps
- Set personal physical information
- Exercise-records and history review (Maximum 60days)
- Scientifically analyze the exercise results(Report)

Lifecoordi Analysis Software
Lifecoordi Analysis Software(LAS) provides much more various information to analysis measured data of Lifecoordi500 as a special and user-friendly program.

Lifecoordi Analysis Software Key features
- Log in manager or user id with the right
- Download usb automatically
- Report Daily/Weekly/Monthly
Diet program (Weight Loss Plan)
- Provide information for individual ranking or overall individual ranking in group
- Provide weight loss in accordance with food intake
- Forecast weight loss

Used to
Healthcare at medical institution, hospital and health center
Healthcare at school, education institution and healthcare center in company
Healthcare at sports center and special exercise institution
Individually suitable exercise for senior, obesity and exercise prescription

In the box
Lifecoordi 500 (Activity Monitor), TTA20PIN charger, Lifecoordi Analysis Software (LAS), USB cable