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2020-02-13 10:04:20


1) Overview
- Vce Voltage stress Range : Max ±2000V (bipolar power).
  Vce Voltage Reading Accuracy : ± 2.0% (@F.S) V.
  Vce Monitor and Power Isolation for all DUT (device under test).
- Available Socket Type : User dependency (TO220, TO247 and etc).
- Current Monitor and Power Isolation for each DUT.
- Oven Temperature : RT ~ 200℃.
- Individual Chip Temperature Control (ICTC) for DUT up to 50~100W.
- Remote diode temperature sensor control & Monitor.
- DUT Temperature Reading with high accuracy.

2) Application
DS2000HP is HTRB(high temperature reverse bias) reliability test system for Semiconductor power device (FET, IGBT, POWER Tr), small signal Tr, LED and others. It could also be used at mass production, R&D and qualification stage.

DS2000HP system is consisted of high temperature oven, control board and burn-in board. All DUT in burn-in boards could individually be controlled and operated by temperature, current and voltage.

During forcing reverse voltage to drain-source, leakage current, DUT junction temperature and Vds could be monitored for long test period. Also the real time monitor is available.

3) Description
All test conditions, leakage current , Junction temperature, case temperature and others, could individually be set for all DUTs at PC application program.

If a certain DUT would be out of limitation regarding to current, temperature and voltage, the failed DUT could automatically be isolated to protect thermal runaway phenomena. So failed DUT could not electrically affect at other DUTs for whole test period. So the final log data after test period would be very useful to calculate the exact failure rate without any invalid data.

The system UI has diagnostic test function for check integrity of control board, also the driving capability and other function related with burn-in board could be checked by using diagnostic board.