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2020-09-03 16:00:53


1) Overview

- Vds Voltage stress Range : Max + 4500V.
  Vds Voltage Reading Accuracy : ± 2.0% (@F.S) V.
  Vds Monitor and Power Isolation for all DUT (device under test).
- Available Socket Type : User dependency (ISOPLUS i4-PAC™ and etc).
- DUTs density : 6 ea/board (Max 6 SLot).
- DUT Current Reading Range : 0 ~ 2000uA.
- DUT Current Reading Accuracy : ≤1uA.
- DUT Current, Vds, Power and Oven Temp monitor graph on real time.
- Current Monitor and Power Isolation for each DUT.
- Oven Temperature : RT ~ 250℃.

2) Application

The DS4500 is capable to perform the reliability test for devices which are power devices (high-voltage and current devices, such as FET, IGBT and Power Transistor), low power transistor and LED, in the stage of mass production, R&D or prototype. And it can apply higher voltage and higher temperature stress than the DS2000.

The DS4500 controls the temperature in a high temperature chamber of 250℃ and controls the current and voltage of the test device so that current and voltage can be individually tested and controlled for multiple test devices.

The HTRB is also one of the reliability tests that is monitoring the leakage current (and temperature) change with long-term and real-time under High Temperature and Reverse Bias at Drain-Souce terminals.

3) Description

By using DS4500 system, user could set all test conditions for leakage current, temperature and etc by the PC application program for HTRB. PC program is capable of communicate with the hardware system on real time.

This system can block the excessive degradation and thermal runaway of the devices under test by cutting off the voltage applied to the devices, through early detecting the device degradation (leakage current and temperature) on real-time for all devices under test, so continue to test up to the set time without any interfering with the other devices under test. User could analyze the test results reasonably through the log data during the test or at the end of test.

Also user could verify the presence of error in the hardware and software system through the Diagnostic self-test by using Diagnostic test board in a quick time.