The youth, developments and enterprises, they see far and act a lot.

Hello, everyone?

Du-sung established in 1994, has provided semiconductor test equipments (Burn-in & testing, HTRB, Power Cycling), Burn-in boards, HTRB boards, HAST boards, THB boards, Electro-static discharge test boards, other reliability test boards and burn-in services. Therefore, we could provide semiconductor related products to prominent semiconductor companies in the country. We also developed other analyzers as a wellness field which are wireless heart rate analyzers, stress analyzers, physical activity analyzers and golf swing analyzers. Especially, wireless heart rate analyzers are provided to primary, middle and high schools of all around the country, and used to test cardiovascular endurance of students. It produced significant import-substituting effect.

For sustainable challenges and successes, Du-sung puts emphasis on raising up competent individuals. Du-sung rejects simple intellectual competition and aims to raise individuals with skills and personalities who will amplify the synergy and finally produce the twenty first century business.

There are a lot of side effects behind great modern civilization development. That is, modern people are highly stressed and sunk in discrimination. When individuals are conscious of their personal opinion and affective consciousness, and in the end meditate discrimination reversely, they will find enlightenment for letting nature be. They will be talented with harmony, become true well-being people, open and close any gates for mysterious existence, and finally contribute to society with sophisticated formality and application.

We believe that Du-sung will grow continuously to become one of the worldwide prominent companies with original technologies and talented individuals. We also believe that Du-sung will contribute to public welfare with social interests.


G.W KangNamwook, CEO
Du-sung technology Co., ltd.