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1994.01 Founded Du-sung Technology Corporation.
1994.05 Representation Agreement with Micro Control Company.
1997.01 Started Burn-in Board production.
2002.01 Started Burn-in Service.
2004.01 Conversion to Du-sung Technology Co., ltd
2004.03 Awarded from the National Tax Administration.
2004.07 Authenticated as Venture Business Corporation (as a type of Superior Technological business).
2004.11 Foundation of R&D Lab.
2004.12 Certification of the Quality management system standards (QS9000/ISO9001).
2007.03 Authenticated as an INNO-BIZ company.
2007.07 Bio signal measurement technology was transferred from ETRI (ETRI : Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute).
2008.09 Authenticated as a promising small and medium enterprise in Daejeon city.
2008.11 Awarded Appreciation Certificate from the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
2009.10 Involved a pilot project as "u-well being city" that was organized in Daejeon city.
2009.11 Authenticated as a high technological company from Ministry of Knowledge & Economy.
2009.12 Activity Monitor Technology was transferred from ETRI.
2010.05 Acquired a certification of K-mark for the wireless heart rate management system (PG12010-073).
2010.07 ISO 13485 : 2003 Certification of the Quality management system standards.
2010.10 Acquired Medical device manufacturing license, item license and GMP certification.
2010.12 Authenticated as the best manufacturer of the athletic equipment.
2011.04 Attended at HK Spring Electronics Exhibition.
2011.05 Authenticated FCC and CE for Bodypro 320.
2012.05 Launched Mobile Stress Measurement App.
2012.07 Launched Mobile Activity Monitor App.
2013.02 Developed LC-2 Burn-in board.
2013.02 Developed DS2000 HTRB/HTGB system.
2014.02 Launched Swingpro 100, Golf swing analyzer.
2018.08 ISO 14001 : 2015 Certification of Environmental Management System.
2019.06 The head office & plant was moved to 271-22, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon.