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    Bodypro 320
  • - 간단설명 :
    Bodypro 320 is the most advanced cardio system that measures and analyze the heart rate and workout result and with the smart phone which is communicated with bluetooth protocol between CardioPlanner Application and chest belt with transmitter.
Key features
- Display the exercise information is real-time
- Voice guidance function
- Setting for exercise plan
- Exercise history management
- Personal physical information management
- Display the exercise intensity by Heart rate zone
- Stress measurement.(Optional)

In the box
- Heart rate monitor(DS320)
- Strap
- USB Charger
- Box (Quick Manual, Guarantee)
- Cardio Planner Application (Download and Install from the Android “Play store”)

The CardioPlanner provides the information of Route(Google Map), activity Calorie, intensity and speed during exercise by monitoring heart rate(Heart Rate transmitter(Bodypro 320) required) and moving activity(via 3-axis acc chip) in real time. And users could make their own exercise plan according to weight loss(Diet) target and monitor progress of the achievement rate of target and the remained calories in the plan. Moreover stress test function is included,so provides automatic nerve balance and physical/mental stress level. Without Heart Rate transmitter(Bodypro 320), CardioPlanner will be used for Steps, Calories, Speed and Route. To get all function( heart rate and stress check),user need to purchase Heart Rate transmitter(Bodypro 320)

Used to
CardioPlanner can be applied to personalized exercise prescription through the heart rate, stress, distance, calories measurement for improving health in Personal health care/diet, sports centers and sports medicine centers such as professional sports organizations.